Travel Proof Your Work Wardrobe

priscilla-du-preez-228220It was Leonardo Da Vinci who said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.  But in a world with so many choices at our fingertips, it can seem that this level of sophistication is unattainable. More to the point, with trends changing quicker than we can say “rose gold’, how can our wardrobe remain timelessly stylish as well as travel-proof?

Well, thank your stars for Alex Longmore, the celebrity stylist sharing her secrets with us! Gone are the days of packing a separate outfit for every eventuality. Welcome to the world of mix-and-match minimalism- your wardrobe and suitcase hope you stay here forever.

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5 Steps to Safe Ground Transportation

a-l-117960Most of us would never get in the car with a stranger. No matter how clean-cut someone appears, we have all watched enough evening news to know we cannot take our safety for granted. And yet, every day, hundreds upon thousands of travellers hop in the backseat of a completely unknown vehicle with a person they have just met. “Surely the car service has done their due diligence. I am safe,” they assume, if the thought even crosses their mind as they reluctantly test their luck.

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Leopold Hotel – Sheffield, by Rheanna-Marie Hall

Leopold Hotel Sheffield FrontHotel: The Leopold

Location: Sheffield city centre, which makes the transport options plentiful. If arriving by train then you can either walk or take the Supertram. On foot it takes 15 minutes while there is a Supertram stop less than 2 minutes’ walk from the hotel door. If you are driving then the Leopold also offers discounted rates at the close by Q-park.

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