5 Steps to Safe Ground Transportation

a-l-117960Most of us would never get in the car with a stranger. No matter how clean-cut someone appears, we have all watched enough evening news to know we cannot take our safety for granted. And yet, every day, hundreds upon thousands of travellers hop in the backseat of a completely unknown vehicle with a person they have just met. “Surely the car service has done their due diligence. I am safe,” they assume, if the thought even crosses their mind as they reluctantly test their luck.

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Something for the weekend: Doggy Afternoon Tea

It’s not all business, and after a long week we all deserve a little R&R. So if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in London, and you have your beloved pooch with you, we have something extra special for you to do this weekend… how about a spot of (doggy) afternoon tea?

The Egerton House Hotel is already a certified female-friendly hotel (and a Maiden Voyage favourite!) so it seemed only fitting that we send our London ambassador, Yvonne Reay-Scott, and her pug Poppy to try the mouthwatering pet-friendly menu.

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