A Singleton’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day.

The cynical among us may consider Valentine’s Day as nothing but a commercial attempt to strip the loved-up of their January paychecks. Poorly appointed floral bouquets and budget chocolate boxes apparently become evidence of romantic intent. 

The same people may argue that if you are in a fulfilling relationship, then you do not need a calendar to prompt you to show your love and particularly not through the means of meaningless spending.

However, there is a pro-Valentine’s tribe to consider. These people would argue that when an opportunity to prove your love arises, then there’s no harm in participating. They would say that only the mean-spirited would refrain from showing their partner that they care.

Regardless of which camp you belong to, Valentine’s Day can be particularly difficult when you’re single. Nothing rubs singledom in your face more than constant YouTube adverts (or even blogs posts like this) harping on about that single day in the year when you can’t forget that you’re single.

Maiden Voyage has put together some tips to help you survive Valentine’s as a Singleton.

1 – Stop Complaining.


The first point of action is to stop complaining. Admittedly, being single, particularly when involuntarily so, can be despairing. Loneliness always feels worse when you compare yourself to the seemingly abundant stream of happy couples. These couples may attempt to reassure you in the form of platitudes, such as ‘you’ll find someone when the time is right,’ or ‘there are… plenty more fish…’  That’s why I won’t humour the singles amongst us with such remarks – rather, I’ll encourage some tough love. Complaining about being single only makes the situation worse for yourself. When you continuously articulate the problem, you only compound it. If the law of attraction means that we manifest the change we hope for by believing in its inevitability, the opposite is also true. Complaining leads to jadedness, and jadedness leads to an unattractive demeanour. Instead, let’s make a vow to put the time and energy into meeting people.

2 – Self-care but in the Right Way.


The following point is an anecdotal one. Too much of the wrong type of self-care can make you into a recluse, and yes, a single one. Self-care often means a cosy night in, a hot bath, a glass of red, and ideally, a bounty of chocolate. This, I can confirm, only goes so far when easing the pain of singledom. Granted, a foray into wellbeing is often well-meaning, but if not well-managed, can lead us into a deeper well of misery. Despite what certain animated films would have us believe – Prince Charming won’t come knocking on your door, nor should you want him to. It’s time to get out there. Do something proactive, go to the overpriced bar, watch horror at the cinema, go to a comedy show, even host a single’s dinner party. Just don’t wallow in what is the worst form of pity – self-pity.

3 – It’s Time to Travel.


Whitney Houston was correct when she sang that learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. That’s why I’m taking the stance of boycotting the phrase, ‘my other half.’ To all our readers – you are complete, you do not require a second half to become a whole. I can only hope that you share in this sentiment. However, at Maiden Voyage, we find that solo travel is a panacea to the pains of singledom and a great way to lift your spirits overall. What better time to travel than when you don’t have to fight a spouse over the preferred destination?


Granted, we advise you to travel in a safe and secure manner. For instance, we recommend that you let someone know where and when you are travelling – check in with home via email and text. However, there’s a limit to be had when it comes to broadcasting your whereabouts. Although certain key people should know where you are, it’s best to avoid telling the world where you are via social media. Think twice before checking in online or disclosing your itinerary. You don’t know who will be able to trace that information and locate you in your destination. Furthermore, in certain contexts, it’s smart to appear partnered. When travelling solo, we advise that you wear a fake wedding ring as to appear married. This will help avoid unwanted attention, giving the impression that you’re a taken woman.

You can further travel safety tips in our eLearning courses, which are full to the brim of savvy tips to help ensure a safe yet spectacular trip, whether for business, leisure, or even both.

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