5 Detoxifying Foods to Combat Festive Over-indulgence

Written by Papillon Luck, vibrant wonder woman, health entrepreneur, and CEO of Fifteen Degrees Ltd, this blog recommends 5 key food choices to help in your body’s natural detox process. Alternatively, try the Fifteen Degrees travel supplement blends, formulated to boost your energy levels, increase your bodily and cognitive functions, while also ensuring an overall level of wellbeing! 

Christmas is notoriously the season for over-indulgence for both alcohol and food. It’s important to enjoy yourself, no one wants to hang out with the healthy killjoy but be mindful of making sure you allow your body to repair from the onslaught of temptations you indulged in.

After the festivities, you may find your body craves something healthy instead of the sweet treats and large portions you’ve enjoyed over the holiday.

There are certain foods you can incorporate into your diet every day to help your body repair itself and give it vital nutrients that may have been depleted during the Christmas season. We need to help our liver cope with the excess of toxins that may be in our bodies and ensure a good supply of liver regenerating nutrients. To do this, try including the following in your diet –


1 – Dark Green Leafy Vegetables – You should aim to consume dark green leafy vegetables in some form every day, they are especially important after a period of overindulgence. Alcohol can deplete our body of B vitamins which can leave you feeling sluggish and lethargic.  Try having a green smoothie or making sure you have green vegetables of any variety with most meals. You can consider taking a Vitamin B complex supplement to help replace these valuable nutrients.


2 – Probiotics – Novelty festive food can play havoc with our digestive system. It can be really beneficial to include foods or drinks in your diet which naturally contain probiotics.  Probiotics are the good bacteria which live in our digestive system.  They are really helpful for avoiding and reducing symptoms such as bloating and constipation.  Great foods to add to your diet for their probiotic content include kefir (a fermented milk drink), sauerkraut, tempeh, kimchi, miso, live yoghurts (sugar-free) and kombucha. You can, of course, opt for a probiotic supplement if you find this easier.


3 – Blueberries anthocyanidins are antioxidants that give berries their distinctive colour. Studies show eating blueberries can help protect and keep the liver healthy.


4 –  The Prickly pear is not a food most people eat in their diet but due to its recent availability in supermarkets and its known health benefits, it’s becoming more popular and mainstream. It’s predicted to be one of the new “superfoods” of 2019.  Studies show it can help reduce inflammation (which can be caused by overindulgence) and decrease the amount of oxidative damage and injury to the liver after alcohol consumption.  It can also help keep antioxidant and inflammation levels stable.


5 –  Beetroot and Beetroot juice are shown to reduce oxidative damage and inflammation in the liver. They also increase natural detoxification enzymes.  When buying Beetroot juice, be careful to avoid the brands with added sugar.

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