The AllShapeUp blog series – How to zen in ten

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Every couple of months we’ll be bringing you a new blog from the team at online fitness platform (and our new partner!) AllShapeUp.

This month’s edition is by ASU Director James Hesling. Here are his top 5 tips for how to de-stress and unwind: all in 10 minutes chunks.

The pressures of balancing a busy work and family can put our social life, self-care, and exercise on a back seat when it comes to our daily routines, especially when travelling.

The build up of stress can really hinder our physical activity and weight loss due to the hormonal changes involved. When we are stressed, the hormone Cortisol is released which causes a spike in insulin levels. This can create poor dietary choices along with a slowed metabolism and can also affect our immune system.

Zen in ten is something you can do that’s simple, and will help you combat high stress levels and those stubborn extra pounds! Here are our 5 top tips that we found to be both cost effective and easy, that only take 10 minutes to include into your daily routine:

  1. Plan your day for 10 minutes: Using an old fashioned pen and paper or your mobile phone write down your targets or tasks for the day ahead. Seeing your daily goals being ticked off one by one helps you worry less as you feel that sense of achievement after achieving each one.
  2. Take a 10-minute stroll: Not only will a morning walk boost your metabolism and get the blood pumping, but it’s also a good form of physical activity which is great ‘thinking time’ for the day ahead. Use it find clarity in your mind for any decisions you need to make whilst being able to experience the local sights too.
  3. Try out one of our Yoga sessions: We have a wide variety of yoga workouts with Kate our Advanced Instructor. Catered for all abilities and time scales, stretch out the stress with our relaxing, de-stressing routines.
  4. Meditate: Find 10 minutes to focus on relaxing your mind, body and soul. Focusing on your breathing and clearing your mind can relieve stress, anxiety and tension in the muscles, making you feel calm for the day ahead, or ready for a great night’s sleep.
  5. Have a 10-minute bath: Instilling 10 minutes of personal time into your day isn’t criminal, especially if you’ve had a busy 24 hours. Having a 10-minute bath can mean you can leave your worries outside the bathroom whilst improving those aches and pains too.

So, there you have it! Why not substitute 10 minutes within your day to try one of these quick and easy Zen in Ten methods.

Read our interview with James and our review of AllShapeUp here.

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