Fitness fit for a traveller: it’s time to All Shape Up!

Ever struggled to maintain an exercise routine while travelling? Or even simply found it a struggle to go straight from a hard day’s  work to an evening at the gym? Yeah, us too. That’s why, as of August 2017, we have partnered with online fitness platform AllShapeUp,  to bring fitness to you, wherever you are.

With a selection of over 100 workouts and recipes to choose from, suitable for all fitness levels and meal types, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Travelling soon? Don’t worry! Your AllShapeUp account is accessible on the move. All you need is an internet connection, and you’re good to go.

Read on for a Q&A with AllShapeUp Founder James Hesling, and a team review of our favourite recipe and workout. Plus, we’re giving you exclusive access to a 14-day free trial.
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Quickfire Q&A: Meet James, Fitness Trainer and Founder of AllShapeUp

Why did you start AllShapeUp?
J: Juggling a busy work and family life can mean that your own health and fitness can be easily pushed aside due to constant time constraints. After working with hundreds of women over the years and understanding their hurdles, it became clear that they achieved the best results when they could exercise at a time and a place that was perfect for them.

That’s when AllShapeUp was born, an online platform that’s accessible and affordable for all where we can help our members become fitter, healthier and feel more confident.

How is it different from other fitness plans?
J: We know that crash diets don’t work in the long run; that’s why we coach our members about how enjoying a fresh, whole food diet is the best way forward. There are over 100 full length workout videos and recipes that are accessible from anywhere in the world, so whether you’re at home or staying away with work, you know that you can instantly relax and de-stress with a Full Body Yoga Routine or get hot and sweaty with a high energy HIIT Workout.

What can our members expect when they sign up?
J: Our member community is growing, and we’re passionate about bringing you together at every opportunity. We support all members of #TeamASU and we’re confident that you’ll find your place within our community comfortably. Our team of experts are here to guide and help you with ongoing support to keep you motivated and inspired. Your very own Member Support Group is there to encourage and build your confidence through sharing your own success stories with each other too.

Best recipe for busy days?
J: If you know you’ve a busy day ahead then it’s always important to plan. Start the day with one of our easy high energy breakfasts such as our smashed avocado on toast or overnight oats. Knowing when you’re next going to eat is important too, so prepare and take a healthy snack along with you. That way you’ve always got something to eat when you find yourself getting hungry rather than grabbing something quick to comfort your cravings!

Top fitness tip for travellers?
J: Travellers are always going to busy so it’s important to plan in your exercise like you would a meeting. Prioritising and diarising it means you’re more likely to achieve it. Plan in a quick 20 minute workout that you do from your hotel room in the morning. Not only will you have done all of your exercise for the day, but you’ll feel great for it too.

Tried and tested: We sampled what AlLShapeup has to offer

Membership Coordinator Nicole chose to try a selection of AllShapeUp’s recipes. Her favourite was the Spanish Stew:

 ‘The chorizo and garlic gave it a nice kick and the butter beans are a tasty addition. It was easy to make, and fills the kitchen with a lovely smell. I paired it with seasoned rice after a long day in the office.’

Editor Rheanna opted to test out a fitness routine. She combined three of the workouts to create the following routine: Warm-up, Beginner Boxing, Active Cool Down.

‘This routine took 30 minutes to complete, which made it super easy to fit in straight after work. I loved having the choice of exercises, and it definitely got my heart rate going! It’s nice to think that I don’t have to repeat the same routine night after night, but can mix it up depending on how I’m feeling. Monday nights will definitely be yoga!’

Like what you know so far? Before we launch our full membership deal, we’re giving you the chance to get a taste of AllShapeUp with an exclusive 14-day free trial. Get the offer code in this month’s newsletter (August 2017), use it at checkout, and get training!

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Head over to AllShapeUp to find out more.



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