Confessions of a Hotel Inspector, by Carolyn Pearson

Liz Smith mills head

Liz Smith-Mills, hotel inspector extraordinaire was the star of our recent event “Confessions of a Hotel Inspector,” which was sponsored by Champneys. With a wealth of experience as a senior hotel housekeeper at prestigious hotels around the world, Liz’s expertise has been recognised with a hotel CATEY award, which is the hospitality industry’s equivalent to an Oscar. Liz’s far reaching knowledge in the industry made her an obvious choice when the AA were looking to increase the team of hotel inspectors.


Liz started the fabulous evening with this hilarious video from the British comics French & Saunders.

Unfortunately, everything you see in this video has happened at some point in some hotels. Thankfully we can safely say not in our Maiden Voyage approved hotels, where cleanliness is just one part of our thorough hotel inspection.

Liz continued throughout the evening to recount hilarious stories from her many years in the hotel industry and shared bloopers such as this menu typo found in an Australian hotel.


With these stories shared on what not to do in the hotel business, Liz also had some top tips to keep you clear of germs and bites when staying in a hotel:

  • Always, always wash the cups in your room before using them.
  • Keep your suitcase as far away from the bed as possible (to reduce the risk of transference of bed bugs)!
  • If you find spots of blood on the sheets that is a sure sign of these pesky little critters so ask to be moved.
  • Tidy your things away that you are not using.

The evening cumulated in networking, food and drinks with 60 amazing professional women, all of whom will be using Liz’s top tips to avoid hotel room horrors!

We’re lucky at to work with Liz, one of the industry’s best, so rest assured if she has inspected your female friendly hotel you can sleep easy knowing that it’s spotless.

Let us know if you’ve experienced any hotel rooms that were clearly not up to scratch and what you did to get it resolved.


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