Good to Go: 8 Weeks to a Healthy Body and Mind, by Jayne McAllister

Fotolia_61209081_XSEvery time I turn on the TV, I’m bombarded with weight loss ads and quick, sure-fire ways to lose the requisite poundage to fit into the world’s itsiest bitsiest bikini/evening dress/lingerie. Straightforward enough perhaps, but what these weight loss wizards fail to take into account is that there are several million of us juggling airport transits, hotel dining, client entertaining, in-flight meals, substandard workout rooms, odd hours and jet lag. Oh, and family. We’re supposed to keep everything together, look and feel fabulous, and be the best ever at our job.

Flashback to five years ago and there was I charging through airports grabbing lattes and muffins for breakfast, skipping lunch unless it was with a client, and hoping I’d get to my destination before the bar closed so I could knock down a glass of Merlot or two to help me sleep. At times I was skinny, although puffy and blotchy from my vino and dairy diet. Other times I would bloat and puff up after a spate of client entertaining and eating out.

I love food and feel compelled to try new tastes in new places. I got so good at it, in fact, that I ended up with four different sizes of clothes in my wardrobe. That lead me to my turning point.

I was clothes shopping in an up-scale department store and was holding on to a suit I wanted to try. The sales associate came to help me and, with a look of concern, gently pointed out to me that it was a size 10. I was having a size 16 month. Just weeks later, I was diagnosed with osteopenia; I had old lady bones 20 years too soon.

cheerful young businesswoman going on business trip by airWhy am I telling you this? Because I had hit the infamous low point from which the only way is up. I spent the next few years hopping between New York and LA certifying in transformational coaching and Pilates, and attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Once I had sorted myself out – meaning down to a steady weight, eating clean and exercising regularly – I started to help frequent travellers keep healthy in body and mind from hotel to home. I’ve been working with clients internationally, spoken at conferences and annual meetings, and even appeared nationally on Fox News Channel and ABC. But, the best is that I came across and Carolyn Pearson.

Carolyn and I have spent hours talking about helping female business travellers have a better experience on the road. Finding the right food to fuel oneself effectively and finding the opportunities to stay active form a huge part of that experience. So, taking matters into our own hands, I’m thrilled to be offering a brand new programme especially for Maiden-Voyage members.

Good To Go: 8 Weeks to a Healthy Body and Mind.


This programme will be launching on April 20th.

You’ll have eight weeks of learning all the aspects of travel wellness from eating right, weight maintenance, exercise, stress reduction, jet lag recovery, and sleep quality improvement.

All the details about Good to Go are at You have to be a member of to do the programme since this is an exclusive.AND we have a fabulous bonus for the first ten members to sign up for Good To Go. They will each receive FOUR 30-MINUTE PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS WITH ME.(£350 value)

I look forward to seeing you on the road and helping you become Good To Go.

images_myJayne McAllister combines over 20 years of business travel with her passion for teaching long-lasting healthy habits to frequent travelers. A former travel magazine publisher turned certified integrative nutrition health coach, Pilates instructor, and transformational method™ coach, Jayne offers individual and group wellness programs for busy travelers worldwide. She is the director of the Business Travel Wellness Conference, creator of and an ambassador for, the global networking site for female business travelers. Jayne graduated from Cambridge University and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in human nutrition. Find more about Jayne and Travel Wellness at


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