Richard Branson declares his hotels ‘female-friendly’, by Carolyn Pearson

Virgin hotel chicagoThis week Richard Branson pitched his latest venture, Virgin Hotels, as Female Friendly when the Chicago hotel opened its doors to welcome its first guests. That’s good news for you as a business traveller and good news for us. It helps to get the term ‘Female-Friendly Hotel,’ a term we have been using since we launched our Female Friendly Hotel’s category back in 2009, out there.

Where Branson leads, others follow. I’m personally hoping that this will drive the hotel industry to take the female business traveller market seriously and drive up standards across the board. members send us hundreds of hotel inspections each year, so we know that many hotels fail to meet the basic standards for guest safety, let alone at good in-room product that includes the home comforts that we are used to. So what depicts ‘Female Friendly’ at a Virgin Hotel?

  • A peephole for security – Tick
  • Good lighting in the corridors – Tick
  • Extra closet space – Tick
  • Well-lit makeup vanities – Tick

So, nothing new there then. However, there are a couple of nifty in-room features that we do like the sound of such as the larger showers with a bench for shaving your legs and the dividing doors that split the room in half to protect your privacy whilst your luggage or room service are delivered. Which hotels have really impressed you as a female traveller?

Carolyn headshot6Carolyn Pearson, Founder of


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