How to use your Business Image to Boost your Confidence at Work, by Sian Pitman


Here are our top five reasons why your professional image has such an important effect on confidence and our overall performance in the workplace.  Read our top tips on how you can use your business image to make 2014 your best year yet. 

Whilst it may seem obvious to some, others may not have noticed the effect that a polished business image can have on your confidence, especially in the work place.



1.       Look professional and people will treat you as a professional

Dressing professionally for your job will show your colleagues that you are serious about your job and who you work for.  Dressing the part instills confidence in your abilities, helps you maintain a professional image for your company and defines your personal brand in the workplace.

If you look well put together, smart and professionally appropriate for your business environment, then colleagues, clients and bosses will all assume you are capable of doing a great job.

2.       Compliments will boost your mood

A well put together outfit will be sure to lead to compliments from your colleagues, which will help give you more confidence and feel better in yourself.   When it comes to a big presentation, a must win pitch or a tricky meeting, knowing you look the part will give you that extra edge you need to get you through it.

3.       Good grooming is good for your health

Taking care of your nails, hair, teeth and skin will help you feel more confident by looking groomed and presentable whilst also ensuring that you stay and look healthy.  Looking fresh every day will help you to feel fresh and prepared for anything your working day can throw at you.

4.       New clothes can help you be prepared Midnight Pearl Ring

Wearing old clothes can make your feel stale and a little “worn out”.  Everyone feels great in a new outfit, and whether you’re trying for a promotion, have a crucial presentation or an event to attend, wearing a new outfit or accessory can help put you in the right mind set for the challenge ahead.

5.       Wearing clothes that fit will make you feel better on the inside and look great on the outside

If you wear clothes that are too tight or too loose, you can feel uncomfortable and unattractive all day – not a great baseline from which to ooze confidence.   Making sure that you wear clothes that fit properly (such as tailored suits) will help you to look sleek, dressed properly for your figure, whilst also making the most of your assets, giving you a boost to get you through the day.

Whilst your business image isn’t the only contributing factor to confidence, it is certainly one of the easiest areas to tackle and there are lots of support and experts around to help you get it right.  Think about this the next time you dress to go work and you’ll be sure to see some improvement in not only your confidence but your business performance too.

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