Come Fly with Us – Business Travel Skin Care, by Dani Garner

pre clense

Frequent business travel certainly takes its toll on your stress levels and subsequently your skin. Utilise your ‘air time’ as an opportunity give your skin a bit of attention, particularly as up in the sky at around 30,000 feet, the cabin fills with pressurised air causing the moisture from your skin to evaporate leaving you with dull, dry skin.

We’ve compiled a simple routine (all products are travel-friendly and under 100ml) to ensure you step off the plane with dewy-fresh, soft skin:

Double Cleanse! (Ideally before you get on the plane.) First, remove all traces of make-up using a cleansing oil (try PreCleanse), followed by your prescribed cleanser (UltraCalming™ Cleanser can be used over the eye area too – a good time-saving choice!).

Tone Up! Spritz a toning mist over the face and neck to prepare the skin for proper moisture absorption try Multi-Active Toner in a handy 50ml travel size.

dry skin care kit


Super-Boosted Moisture! As mentioned, the environment of the air cabin can be extremely drying for the skin. For this reason, pep up the hydration power of your moisturiser with a concentrated booster: try layering Hyaluronic Acid-packed Skin Hydrating Booster with Active Moist.


Drink Up! Don’t forget to keep your hydration levels up – drink plenty of plain water and while you’re sipping your refreshing H2O, why treat yourself to a little hand and arm massage using MultiVitamin Hand & Nail Treatment too!

Utilise Your Time on Board: pack travel-sizes of your skincare essentials and give yourself a mini skin treatment to ensure you arrive at your destination with revitalised, hydrated skin.

GetAttachmentPack Multi-Taskers: after a long flight, you don’t want to pile on the make-up. Keep things light; SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 combines anti-ageing ingredients with Broad Spectrum SPF protection and a light tint to give a flawless complexion. If you want a little more coverage, layer with Sheer Tint SPF20.

Get some ZZZ: a lack of sleep can play havoc with skin (and your stress levels!) during travel. Whilst we’re getting our beauty sleep, the skin is working hard to repair itself, so the fewer hours we’re clocking up in bed can directly impact the condition of our complexions. So instead of opening your book or turning on a film, pull your eye mask down and get some rest!

Apply your SPF: before you land, ensure your skin is prepped and protected for sun exposure (not applicable of course if you’ve landed at night time!): apply Solar Defense Booster SPF50 directly on to the skin or mix with your moisturiser. Protect hands too by adding the product to your hand cream.

DaniDani Garner is a Marketing Coordinator for Dermalogica UK, looking after Trade Press, UK Social Media and blog content. She joined Dermalogica in September 2012 from Molton Brown after studying at London College of Fashion.


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