Getting Started with Networking, By Aalia Khan


As a woman, travelling on business, finding a safe place to stay, comfortable surroundings and great people to hang-out with can be tricky. At we have come up with the perfect solution to each of these problems.  


We’re a site exclusively for women travelling alone on business; we not only recommend female friendly hotels but also provide a network through which women can securely meet other members, to enjoy some leisure time, after the working day has ended.

Our networking site is free, easy and accessible. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to network on

Step 1 – Sign-up, it’s free and comes with lots of additional benefits so why hesitate? Once registered, your account will need to be validated with a phone call in order for you to start networking, this is a security measure to ensure we keep the network safe and strictly female.

 aalia registering

Step 2Log into to enable you to network.

The are two ways to identify when and where other women are wishing to network:

1. On the networking page, here you can search to see who is networking now and in the future and in what cities.

aalia logging in and adding dates

2. On the sidebar of every page.


After selecting the date and city of interest, you will be presented with a list of women networking in that city.

aalia geneva networking

Step 3.  Click on view profile of the women who’s profile you would like to read.


Step 4 – Click on contact me to send a private message.


Adding your own travel itinerary and networking dates

You may also include the dates and destinations that you will be travelling to so that other members can contact you if they will be travelling to the same city.

Step 1. Enter your dates and destination in I will be travelling to.

aalia adding dates

Step 2 – Once your dates have been added there’s nothing more you need to do. If somebody is going to be in the same place as you, at the same time and is interested in meeting up, they will contact you. 

How the messaging works

When you send a message to another member, or when you they send one to you, you will receive an email from  Please remember to add this to your safe senders list and check your junk mail initially to ensure these messages come through.  The email will contain a link which will take you back to to see the message.

aalia email message

Safe networking

Rest assured that is a completely safe and secure site, specifically for travelling business women. The information you provide us with upon registration is seen only by the team. We ask for a contact number so that we can call you to ensure that you are a woman before we can finalise your registration. This process allows our site to remain safe, and allows us to be able to satisfy our networkers that they can provide their travel dates and destinations freely knowing that they will be used solely for the networking purpose. also provides information on female-friendly hotels, including all the hotels who have failed to meet our female friendly criteria. We give you access to a network of international ambassadors who can provide you with inside information about their home cities, recommend places to stay or even meet or assist you on your travels. You can  can also enjoy a range of exclusive member discounts including pre-booked parking at participating  Q-Park car parks, 10% Discount on Airport Hotel and Parking Packages and Executive Style Airport Lounges from APH. Members are also eligible for a  50% Discount on a years subscription to Business Traveller Magazine.

We hope you enjoy our site and wish you lots of happy networking.  Please share your networking stories and photographs with us via or on our facebook page.

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