Room Service, by Carolyn Pearson

Is it just me that thinks it’s high time that hotels started to adapt their room service menus? We are all more health conscious and nutrition-aware than we were six years ago.

Why specifically six years, one might ask? Well that’s how long I have been using a certain London hotel and since I first stayed there, the room service menu has remained exactly the same. I can’t help thinking that this is a menu that caters for paunchy, cigar smoking businessmen, who like to flop on the bed with the contents of the out-dated mini-bar selection.

These days, both men and women want a healthier selection; one that is low in carbs and high in protein, with ‘lighter’ options, as well as more vegetarian options. On my recent hotel inspections in Birmingham, UK, I came across the room service menu at Malmaison, where they offer the full restaurant menu as room service options. As an alternative, what if the hotel got to know our dietary preferences and tailored the room service menus accordingly?

Maiden Voyage conducted an independent survey into what women from all around the world want from room service, and the results are resounding; we all want more choice and we mostly want healthier options. Click here to see our full results, what the hotels have to say, and the rest of our research.

And for hotels who are passionate about responding to the needs of the female business traveller we have a range of training and consultancy services on offer:

Carolyn headshot6Carolyn Pearson, Founder of


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